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Super Bowl 51

We are fans of football.  So while our team is not playing in the big game, we along with millions of others will be tuned in to see who will be the winner.

With an event so huge, we were honored to be able to stop by our favorite local news station and give some great entertaining tips.

We focused on creating a match-up with our dishes by presenting some of the fan-favorite foods from both teams-Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.  The fun we had bringing things together and learning things in the process. 

Our main dish featured Kickin Chicken Wings and Boston Baked Beans with Maple Glazed Bacon.  The highlight of this segment was a fan food favorite by the station’s very own Meteorologist Van Denton,  Bacon Wrapped Pretzels!  We also shared our Sideline Sweets and our very own Sociably Yours Halftime Punch.

Super Bowl Parties have come a long way since the days of pizza and footlong sandwiches.  No matter what you plan on serving as long as you have good food and enjoy your fellowship, you will have an evening of fun!

Check out our segment below. What team are you cheering for?