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Happy Homecoming!

Homecoming, according to Wikipedia, is the tradition of welcoming back alumni of a school.  Homecoming, for Sociably Yours, is a tradition to get dressed in your finest and celebrate with your friends.

Emphasis on fashion always creates an opportunity to really show how stylish you can be.  You need to have more than one outfit which makes this celebration more than an experience.

Here are a few of our tips to help you look stylish for Homecoming:

1. Check the weather. Rain, extreme heat, etc. can truly change your outfit for outdoor activities. 

2. Keep it sophisticated. Always consider your audiences while attending various events. If you are attending the parade, children tend to be in the audience. Sheer clothing would be inappropriate to adorn for the parade.  Select one asset to accentuate.  If you are wearing a short(er) skirt, you shouldn’t also have on a plunging neckline.   

3. Shoes.  Yes, we all want to look chic with our heels on but consider where you will be walking to.  Select shoes where you won’t need assistance while wearing them.  We have all seen (or maybe even been) the young lady walking with her heels in her hands toward the end of the night.  Or the young lady who is holding onto others to help her keep her composure as she walks to and from the car.  Keep it classy, select a shoe that is not only chic but comfortable.

 4. Create an itinerary prior to the Homecoming weekend.  So much is scheduled into one weekend, determine what events you would like to make an appearance.  The majority of events have a fee involved, so knowing that in advance can help you in drafting your itinerary.

5.  Have fun!  This is a celebration of returning to the school that helped to mold you into the adult you are today.  The long registration lines guided your comprehension of the importance of taking care of your business in a timely manner.  The mandatory group meetings polished your interpersonal communication skills.  The Vesper programs introduced you to influential individuals who dreamed and encouraged you to dream. 

This weekend is more than the football game, more than the parties, more than the fashion.  This weekend is the ultimate celebration of what you and countless others have accomplished.  This weekend is a celebration of what the generation on your heels will be able to accomplish. 

Celebrate Homecoming Sociably!