A Note of Thanks- The Thank You Note

Your family and friends came from near and far to celebrate with you.  You were showered with wonderful, thoughtful gifts, now what?

Writing a thank you note is a simple yet meaningful gesture. It’s proper etiquette to send a hand written thank you note after you have received a gift, been a house guest or if someone has done a good deed for you.

Expressing your appreciation of the kindness that someone has shown
to you doesn’t require much.  You should have nice stationary (as pictured) a great writing pen and your best penmanship. Be sure to express your gratitude and include how you are using the gift. If you will be seeing them again soon, mention it.

It’s never too late to send a thank you note. If you received a gift from a birthday party or baby shower, try to get the thank you note written and sent within a month of the event. Received a wedding gift? It’s been said that you have a year to say thank you. If you are unable to follow that timeframe, send a note of gratitude anyway.  When people feel appreciated, they are more likely to repeat the performance.

Happy writing!