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How to Choose Your Bridal Party Guide

Congratulations on your engagement! Of course this is an exciting time and EVERYONE wants to be a part of your special day, but do you really think they should be included in the bridal party?

We work closely with our brides and grooms to make sure that they understand the importance of this decision.  We are sharing a few of our SIPs (suggestions and tips) for how to choose your bridal party.

  1. There are NO rules! Too many times couples feel like they have to have the same number of bridesmaids as you have groomsmen and that’s just not true.  There are no rules as to how many should be in your bridal party. And just because you were included in someone’s bridal party doesn’t mean that you have to return the gesture by including them in yours.  
  2. Provide a list of responsibilities and expectations. Every wedding is different so the expectations and responsibilities of a bridal party should be different.  We work with our couples to provide a detailed list of responsibilities for each member of the bridal party, this helps to communicate effectively what is being asked.  If possible, try to include a tentative breakdown of costs associated with the special day.  If you aren’t including makeup applications in their bridesmaid’s gift, then be sure to list the price of makeup applications into possible costs.
  3. Choose your bridal party within eight months to a year (if possible).  This will allow everyone enough time to prepare their budgets to include items needed to participate in your special day. Some bridal party members have to make arrangements to travel and will need to include the costs of transportation and lodging into their budgets of saying “yes.”  
  4. Do include the siblings of your fiance. You are going to be family so why wait?
  5. If you aren’t selecting someone, have a separate conversation with them.  It’s just respectful to have a conversation and share your feelings. 
  6. If someone doesn’t accept the invitation, don’t be offended.  Yes, you want everyone to be honored that you want to include them, however, if they respectfully decline don’t be offended.  They may already know that they can’t financially, and/or emotionally commit to the role. 
  7. Say thank you. Be sure to say thank you in a very unique and personalized way. 

The main thing is to choose a party who will be there for you to help make the day as seamless as possible.  Choose a party that is fun and loving and willing to be there on your journey from the wedding into the marriage.

Be inspired!