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“Fall in Love” Years Later

When you have the wedding day of your dreams, you wonder how do I top that moment? The answer is simply, celebrate the anniversary! 

It is a beautiful thing when your dreams become your reality and the day I married my husband was just the beginning.  My husband and I enjoyed a huge wedding and reception so it’s always special to me that every year we celebrate our marriage with just the two of us.  

This year we celebrated at one of our favorite vacation locations, Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.  The island has all the southern charm that we love with so many sites to see.  Celebrating another year of marriage is about reflecting so spending time together alone allowed us to do just that.

Celebrating an anniversary soon, enjoy these tips.

1. Make it a romantic getaway.  Enlist the help of friends and/or family to keep the children so that you can get away to a nice hotel or resort. 

2. Disconnect from the world to reconnect with each other.  Technology adds so much value to our lives. We are able to stay connected to things going on in the world.  Sometimes we are so connected, that we should reconnect with our loved ones.  Spend an evening reconnecting by talking.  Take a long walk or do an activity you don’t normally don’t get to do.

3. Reflect and recommit.  Reflect on the past year(s) of marriage.  Be honest and discuss any issues that should be addressed.  Be respectful and listen to your spouse.  Recommit the love that you have for each other by sharing goals for the relationship for the next year.  

I often remind my brides and friends that the wedding is just one day, building a successful marriage is a lifetime.  I am truly blessed to have had the day of my dreams but I’m even more blessed to be able to spend my lifetime building, learning, and loving the man that I prayed for. Celebrating each other is something you can and should do every day.

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