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It’s Spring 2019!

Hello! We have realized that spring has sprung and we haven’t had a single blog post all of 2019.  Please forgive us but we have been up to some AMAZING things this year!

In true Sociably Yours fashion, we are expanding again!!! This time we are expanding the personal brand behind Sociably Yours. We are so pleased to announce our new online talk show- On The Same Page

On The Same Page is your location for ideas and inspirations for a social lifestyle.  We discuss topics current to you as you navigate through life sociably!  It’s an honor to be able to come into your homes and share tips for entertaining at home and this online talk show is just an extension of this.  We get to be up close and personal and take you behind the scenes with how we create some of our live segments that are seen on TV.  

On The Same Page currently airs new episodes every Thursday evening on our Sociably Yours social media pages and you will be able to see them on our YouTube channel.  This is such an exciting time for us and we hope that you will subscribe to our YouTube channel.  

We are so thankful that we can be YOURS even more! As we continue to join you here weekly (we promise) sharing to inspire you to be social through weddings and events AND now as we provide ideas and inspirations for your social lifestyle.

What are some topics you would like to see discussed? Drop us a comment.

​Be inspired!