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Welcome High Point Rockers!

High Point, North Carolina has been our home for over a decade and is now home to a new minor league Baseball team, The High Point Rockers.  It’s so exciting to see a new edition to the city as downtown has been under construction to accommodate the new stadium and other attractions in anticipation of the new team.

The first game was May 2nd and it was in front of a sold out crowd. Prior to the game, we got to stop by our favorite news station, Fox 8 WGHP and share some of our Grand Slam entertaining ideas.

Whether you are going to the game or staying in to watch it at home, entertain yourself and your family with these ideas. Look for some behind the scenes footage at On The Same Page on IGTV at Sociably Yours.

A special thank you to U R Invited for our super cute custom table tents

Please check out the clip below

Be inspired!